About us

Landscape Architecture and landscape design in Manhasset and Sands Point
Landscape design in Sands Point and Manhasset
Landscape Architecture and Landscape design in Manhasset and Sands Point

Landscape Architecture:

Lee Itzler has a degree in Landscape Architecture from Syracuse University ESF.  Since 1987,  Landscapes by Lee Itzler has been creating landscapes in Nassau, N.Y. and Suffolk, N.Y.. We grow plant material on a 22 acre farm.

We are different:

After the first meeting you will quickly see how Landscapes by Lee Itzler is different. We do not cut grass or claim to be the ultimate all in one company. We specialize in horticultural projects ranging from $ 1000 to $ 100,000 . By combining designer, contractor and nursery into one package, we can provide exceptional value for our client.

Curb appeal:

Surely, you have ideas or have seen examples of landscaping that you like. If you are ready to give your yard a facelift or want to completely renovate your outdoor space let Lee Itzler combine his ideas with yours and come up with an affordable, practical and attractive landscape design.

The initial property walk through:

Budget, time lines, objectives and site factors will be discussed. There is never only one solution to creating a landscape .

Having the designer, contractor and nursery in one company gives us the unique opportunity to offer our clients an affordable and attractive landscape architecture package.

If your goal is to create an exciting, long lasting, easily maintained landscape design and to receive personalized affordable service, call us today.