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Landscape design for Long Island Homes


Plans can be useful for large landscape projects or projects that will be broken into stages. They are good for displaying walks, patios and other hardscape features.



A simple plan usually not to scale to quickly demonstrate a landscape design idea.


Computer Imaging:

This is a wonderful way of showing planting designs for your home or office. Scale can be adjusted to show growth over the years or to see relationships between structures and plants. It is excellent for showing screen planting and color of plant material. By far, this is the best method when combined with the ability to see new plants in our 22 acre nursery. Computer imaging can be used for showing Landscape pictures of shrubs, trees and flowers. It is not as good for showing hardscapes, but still can give the client an idea of how plants fit into the context of their total project.



There are some companies that are rigid in their approach to design. Your opinion is meaningless, because they know best.

When creating a landscape design for your home or office, we listen to your goals and objectives. After all, it is your home and you are in control.

Lee Itzler will try and guide you in the correct direction, but ultimately your opinion counts.