Jericho Landscape design and Syosset landscape design

 Jericho landscape design and  Syosset landscape design:

If you are considering a landscape project in Jericho or Syosset, the landscape designers from

Landscapes by Lee Itzler can assist you.  We are experienced in creating new landscape designs and

landscape renovations. Our services include planting layout and installation, sod, stone walls and water

features. Call for a free consultation.

Choosing a Jericho landscape designer or a Syosset landscape designer:

Are all landscape designers created equally?  What are their qualifications and educational background?

Landscapes by Lee Itzler has been creating landscapes throughout Long Island for over 30 years.

Trained as a Landscape Architect, we can design and install your landscape design with expertise.

Jericho landscape design renovation  and Syosset landscape design renovation:

Budget and size requirements are essential in the landscape design estimate for trees and shrubs. Do you

need immediate results, or are you willing to use smaller material and save money?

Your landscape design should incorporate evergreen and flowering trees and shrubs.

The Jericho and Syosset landscape design process:

The landscape design process may start with a site visit to evaluate existing conditions.

Your goals and ideas are an important part of the landscape design process.

Jericho landscape design and Syosset landscape design

Jericho landscape designer and Syosset
landscape designer

The landscape designers will take into account soil, sun exposure and water requirements. Budget

will also be discussed and should be considered before the first landscape consultation.

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